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Anna Lou Olivier

Anna Lou Olivier - Multi-therapist, Psychopedagogue, Psychotherapist, Behavioral Medicine Specialist, Bachelor of Theatrical Arts and Visual Arts. Detector and defender of the thesis of Acquired Dyslexia. Specially Acquired Dyslexia by anoxia or hypoxia. Precursor of Multitherapy. Developer and introdutor of Toy Library allied to learning in Brazil and Europe and Creator of the Method of Total / Universal Equilibrium Therapy. 

She is also pioneer of Brazilian TV and of music in the world. Dramatist and Writer (several genres), author of twelve textbooks, twelve novels, one trilogy, twenty e-books, more than 700 published poems. As Academic has several articles published and accepted by the international scientific community, especially in Europe and having two of its eighteen plays already staged throughout Brazil and Portugal. Her biography appears in official books as   "Dicionário de mulheres" (Dictionary of women), "Enciclopédia de Literatura Brasileira" (Brazilian Literature Encyclopedia), "Brasil de todos os povos, Destaques e Personalidades"  (Brazil of all people), (Highlights and Personalities), among others.  

Anna Lou Olivier is a vegan, socio-environmental / animal Pacifist and follows the anonymous and unrelated philanthropy of politics or religion implanted by her parents almost eighty years ago. following, narrative of her studies and her experiences.

Anna Lou Olivier (Lou de Olivier)


About me:

My name is Ana Lourdes de Oliveira, a Brazilian researcher, known by the pseudonyms Anna Lou Olivier and Lou de Olivier. I was an artist, singer and dancer, pioneer of Brazilian TV and of music in the world. Until I was sixteen when I drowned in the sea. Because of this accident I lost my memory, I was without memory for a year and a half, I lost my ability to read in Portuguese and lost fluency in French and English. I was examined and tested by twenty-five specialists and no one would find out what had happened to me. So I went searching alone. I depended on friends who read the books for me because I did not read anything else in any language, but I could still write well in Portuguese. So I started to write diaries to remember everything I did, I went to do theater in the Jewish community where I represented in theater Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank) and Laura (The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams) and, in addition to writing my first theatrical play "I whole, half of me", I started to research Dyslexia, that's when I created this term "Aquired Dyslexia, "and I often went to the doctors and some congresses to report that I had acquired dyslexia, but everyone mocked me, no one believed on what I said. So I continued to research without the doctor's help but with the help of friends. Some years later, I went to the first college (University) where I studied Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Music therapy applied in the treatment of Autism and Down Syndrome and I started to develop Multitherapy, a technique that adapts to each patient according to their case.

I continued studying Clinical Psychoanalysis, Neuropsychology and Psychopedagogy. Then I switched on my drowning symptoms with an anoxia that I had during this accident. That's when I was worried about babies suffering from anoxia during birth, because if I was sixteen I had so many sequels, imagine babies that are much more fragile. I went on to study perinatal anoxia, but I also studied obsessive passions, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and other disorders (on USP São Paulo University)

After these studies I felt prepared to start publishing my findings, I began to write articles in neighborhood's newspapers and specialized magazines in Brazil in 1995, in Portugal and England in 1999. I improved the Multitherapy, technique I have created and insisted in the defense of Acquired Dyslexia, especially perinatal anoxia. Since 1996, I have also started to research and improve the use of toys, games and child plays in the treatment of Autism and as an aid  in the literacy of children with dyslexia and real-literacy of patients with Acquired Dyslexia. I joined the Toy Library with the Multitherapy that I developed. I majored in Behavioral Medicine with an emphasis on Autism and attended two postgraduate degrees in Chemical Dependency. All this courses in UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo) I gathered all this knowledge and experiences and adapted to Multitherapy. During my life up untill this day, I suffered other accidents, had other sequels, but I always worked hard to discover the cures everything I discovered, I included in the Multitherapy. The technique of Multitherapy has become effective because it encompasses several areas and techniques. Because it encompasses my personal experiences adapted to patients, adapting to each patient according to their needs, I developed a treatment that sees patients as indivisible beings, holistic and considering, the treatment as to the physical and the psychological, the mental and the energetic and the general clinical picture. At a personal level, I studied and still studing History, Archeology, Theology and Quantum Physics and I try to adapt these studies to scientific knowledge of Multitherapy.

All this is encompassed in the Multitherapy I apply, which has good results in the treatment of Learning Disorders, especially Dyslexia and Acquired Dyslexia, because it adapts literacy and real-literacy with different sounds, audio and video resources, experimental experiences, dance and music. In addition, it adapts to each patient according to their need and therefore brings a good result in a short time.

The Toy Library, in turn, treats various learning and behavioral disorders using toys and games. More information below:

Multi Therapy   
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Multitherapy includes three techniques developed by Anna Lou Olivier: Life Dance, Terapeutical Theater and Toy Library adapted to learning. In addition, it uses Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Behavioral Medicine, Neuropsychology, Psychoanalysis and Psychopedagogy. It uses techniques of Psychodrama, meditation, energizing/cerebral oxygenation with breathing in the sessions are developed: Also relaxation, discovery of itself, analysis of each scene from the gestation, birth until moment in which presented the disturbance. Other techniques are adapted to each case to develop individual and group treatment, if necessary.

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Dyslexia and Acquired Dyslexia

Dyslexia: Many years ago, researchers insists on showing dyslexia with genetic/hereditary cause, which requires continuous treatment. After many years of advocacy on the theme acquired dyslexia, Anna Lou Olivier can say that dyslexia can also be acquired by an accident (anoxia /hypoxia, stroke among others), it is now official for years. What little or nothing is disclosed it is that most of the symptoms attributed to the dyslexia is actually comorbidities that arise not always while dyslexia, in most cases, comorbidities arises after some time of diagnosis and treatment inadequate, instead of regress, dyslexia is aggravated by comorbidities that would not exist if the case had correct diagnosis and effective treatment. This is where the multitherapy, created by Anna Lou, differs and acts more effectively in that it detects the actual symptoms of the patient and is broadly developing its creativity, memory and enabling a new way of learning. 

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Toy Library allied in treatment of learning disturbances.

Toy Library: The proposal began by joining the clinical toy library with the playful one, forming at first, the school toy library, taking into account that in the clinical toy library, the toys and games are directed to the treatment of the disorders, being then used strictly therapeutic. In this way, musical toys (or with sounds) are more used for cases of borderline and autism, those that develop coordination and different perception are more indicated for the treatment of Down Syndrome and delays and the games with letters and numbers are more indicated treatment of learning disorder. There are still those indicated to the various disturbances as is the case of puppet theater or puppets, drama games and psychodrama, depending on the case attended.

Results: The major importance of the implantation of the Toy Library allied to the School-Therapeutic Learning or Toy Library got a satisfactory result in literacy and learning of children and adolescents with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disturbance.

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She is vegan Pacifist socio-environmental and animal. She keeps two projects about veganism with bases in Medicine and Nutrition. The projects is Ana Vegana (for adults) and Solua, the little vegan vampire (for children and teens).

Veganism has been criticized by many people who are unaware of the animal cause and are also unaware of the great benefits that veganism (without meatless or animal derived food) bring to the human body. For this came Ana Vegana and Solua, a little vegan vampire who teaches children and adults to respect nature and acquire good habits of food and hygiene.

She offers videos, cartoon and information all free online. The e-books is sale and all the money obtained from the sale of this e-book will be donated to caregivers of abandoned animals. And maintenance of the project.

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If you read in Portuguese, acces the website (in Portuguese), Ana Vegana, here and Little Vegan Vampire, here


Anna Lou Olivier is also a playwright, she has 18 written plays and some plays staged throughout Brazil and Portugal, such as Cinderela que não era Bela porque era Branca demais "Cinderella, who was not beautiful because she was too white" (Três contos que eu vou te contar! "Three tales I'm going to tell you!), and "Os Alienados" the alienated in Portugal was staged with title "Os Alucinados" "The Hallucinated".

 She also wrote and produced film "Follow That Vote" and produced five cartoons with adventures of the Vegan Vampire. (all in Portuguese).

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In continuity to the seventy years of philanthropy practiced by her family and always thinking altruistically and humanitarian since her adolescence, Anna Lou has always been concerned with the welfare of society and practiced philanthropy teaching ballet, theater and singing to children and adolescents of the periphery. With them she set up several musicals, some of them were shown for long months and even years, with presentations all over Brazil and later abroad with other casts. 

The principal of this period was attitude was to have taken from the streets and the world of drugs many children and adolescents who are now fathers and mothers of families, they live with dignity thanks to the personal effort of Anna Lou and her family. Anna Lou also maintained Museum of the neighborhoods founded by her parents in 1951.

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Pioneer in the Arts, in Education, Culture, in the therapies and in the business area, are so many actions that it is impossible to summarize in this column. 

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