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Dyslexia and Acquired Dyslexia

After fourty years researching and advocating the theme, Acquired Dyslexia is formalized in Health Science (National Library of Medicine - Medical Subject Headings) in English, Spanish and Portuguese. But now Lou still defend Acquired Dyslexia caused by general anoxia/hipoxia, perinatal/neonatal anoxia/hipoxia (fetal distress)

A search at Google Scholar provides a series of articles with titles that refer to Acquired Dyslexia published since 1977, however, reading them in full is perceived that worried with reading disability studies and the causes that led to the Acquired Dyslexia remain open and to this day the official proofs are focused on Acquired Dyslexia for stroke and other brain disorders. Lou since 1978 defended the Dyslexia caused by accidents with oxygen deprivation in the brain (drowning, hangings, anoxia / perinatal hypoxia / neonatal)


The objetive of this study proves the existence of a new disturbance or variation of dyslexia that can be caused by an absence or reduction of brain oxygenation


Acquired Dyslexia caused by general anoxia or hipoxia or fetal distress has been identified and researched since 1978 by psychotherapist and Multitherapist Lou Olivier (pen name of Ana Lourdes de Oliveira) which, from an accident when occurred anoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) resulted in loss of memory and ability to read, classified and began to research the subject. In the period between 1978 and 1995 was widely researched in schools and clinical care to childrens and adults tested with Multitherapy Method developed by Lou de Olivier culminating in publications from 1995, and the official publications dating from 1996/1997 in newspapers, in 1999 in the book The Productive School pg. 11, followed by publication date in 2003 in the book Learning / Behavior Disorders: Truths that no one published pg. 13 and from 2006 made official in the book Learning Disorders and Behavior currently in sixth edition consisting on page 50. In all these publications, Olivier said that acquired dyslexia caused by accidents such as stroke, perinatal anoxia also known as neonatal hypoxia among others. 


 Parallel research in Brazil and other countries began to add to the theme more scientific basis and is currently officially classified in Health Sciences descriptors worldwide in Portuguese, Spanish and English where he received the name Acquired Dyslexia and Portuguese where besides the name Acquired Dyslexia/acquired disorder has interchangeably reading, acquired Alexia Blindness acquired Verbal. The official classification is as follows: aphasia receptive characterized by visual loss of capacity previously acquired in understanding the meaning or significance of words written by hand, despite the vision be intact. This condition may be associated with infarction Posterior Cerebral Artery and other brain diseases. Lou de Olivier defend acquired dyslexia caused by general anoxia/hipoxia or fetal distress. 


 Official Publications: There are numerous official publications (in Portuguese) and some in English signed by Lou Olivier on acquired dyslexia:


 Multitherapy This study proves the existence of a new disturbance or variation of dyslexia that can be caused by absence or reduction of brain oxygenation.

Olivier, Lou Acquired Dyslexia (formalized in health science national library of medicine - medical subject headings - CID10 and DeCS) presentation Global Clinical Psychologists J Psychol Psychother 2016, 6:5(Suppl) October 10-12, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Multitherapy: Classification of dyslexia and other disorders caused by perinatal anoxia. A study carried out in Brazil in 1997, revised in 2016.

Perinatal Anoxia (Fetal Distress), Generating Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and other learning disturbances. International Journal of Neuroscience and Behavior Studies Volume 1 Issue 1, October 2017. This theme is published in e-book. Read, click here.

 Books, monographs and research in Portuguese: 

 1 - Transtornos de Comportamento e Distúrbios de Aprendizagem (Disorders of behavior and learning disorders), Olivier Lou author - Year 2013 -  Rio de Janeiro - RJ;  

2 - Distúrbios de Aprendizagem e de Comportamento (Learning disorders and behavior), Olivier Lou author - currently in sixth edition since 2003- Rio de Janeiro - RJ; 

 3- Distúrbios de Aprendizagem/Comportamento - Verdades que ninguém publicou (Learning Disorders / behavior - truths that no one published) - Olivier Lou author - now out of print since 2003 São Paulo - SP (gave rise to the two books mentioned above and was not reissued);

 4 - Problemas de aprendizagem na Pré-escola (Learning Problems in preschool) - Olivier Lou author - São Paulo - SP year 1999 also exhausted;

 5 - A Escola Produtiva (The Productive School), Lou Olivier author - São Paulo - SP year 1999 also exhausted.

6 - Monograph perinatal anoxiagenerating dyslexia, dysgraphia and other significant disorders of learning, 1996/1997.

 Articles in magazines and newspapers:
 1 - Dossiê Anoxia Perinatal e Dislexia Adquirida (Dossier perinatal anoxia and acquired dyslexia), Lou author Olivier, Psyche Magazine, Issue 90, June 2013 Publisher Scale;
 2 -  Artigo Dislexia (Article Dyslexia), Lou author Olivier, Directions Magazine issue 74, January 2013, Publisher Scale;
 3 - Entrevista com Lou de Olivier sobre Multiterapia e Dislexia (Interview with Lou de Olivier) for the magazine Psychology Brazil, Issue 42, June / July 2007 Publisher Criarp;
 4 - Artigo Dislexia definição exata do distúrbio (Article Dyslexia: Exact definition of the disorder), Olivier Lou author - published in various print and electronic journals between 1996 and 2000, several publishers.

5 - Dossiê Hiperatividade não é distúrbio (incluindo a Hipoatividade) Revista Psique Ciência e Vida 81, setembro/2012 - Dossier Hyperactivity is not disturbance (including hypoactivity)   Psyche Science and Life Magazine 81, September / 2012

6 - Dossiê "Momentos que podem definir uma vida" anoxia perinatal e dislexia adquirida em 18 paginas. - Artigo Revista Psique Ciência e Vida 90 Junho 2013 (Dossier "Moments that can define a life" perinatal anoxia and dyslexia acquired in 18 pages. - Article Psyche Science and Life Magazine 90 June 2013)

7- Entrevista sobre Multiterapia, Arteterapia no tratamento de Distúrbios de Aprendizagem, com ênfase em Dislexia abordando também Autismo/Asperger para a Revista Arte-Educa 2017(Interview on Multitherapy, Art Therapy in the treatment of Learning Disorders, with an emphasis on Dyslexia, also addressing Autism / Asperger for Arte-Educa Magazine 2017)

8 - Lou de Olivier defende um processo cinestésico para a Dislexia - Entrevista Revista Psique Ciência e Vida 138 - Agosto 2017 (Lou de Olivier defends a kinesthetic process for Dyslexia - Psychoanalytic Journal August 2017)

9 - Desvendando mitos sobre Dislexia - Artigo Revista Psique Ciência e Vida 133 março 2017 (Uncovering Myths About Dyslexia - Psyche Science and Life Magazine 133 March 2017)

    Check out all the magazines and newspapers that published and / or publish articles and Olivier Lou dossiers on the website (Portuguese): In the period between 1995 and 2013, Olivier Lou published numerous articles, files, participated in numerous radio and television interviews in addressing the acquired dyslexia theme, and related topics (learning disabilities, behavior disorders, family disturbances) and also disclosing the innovative technique developed by her and entitled multitherapy. Listen and watch the free interviews: Lou keeps, in Portuguese, with page in English, the website Dislexia Adquirida. If you read in Portuguese. click here to see the site. If not read, contact us  and we will be happy to answer your questions and accept your suggestions. Contact us, click here