Anna Lou Olivier
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Artistic biography summary
 of Anna Lou Olivier (Lou de Olivier)

Lou studied dance and singing since the age of two and half. She was pioneer in Brazilian TV, she was one of the first children to record video-tape on TV. She also pioneer of music of the world because she was the first child to record an album with only two years and nine months age in the world. She released this album when she was three years old. And at the age of four she has already received her first trophy for her success as a singer and dancer on TV.

In adolescence, she drowns in the sea and she lost your memory and ability to read in Portuguese and speak other languages. None of the professionals who attended her identified her disorder and she needed to study theater to reactivate the memory lost in the accident. So, she studied theater in Jewish Community and completed studies in Dramatic Arts University, becoming Bachelor of Performing/Theatrical Arts and Visual Arts. In this In this same faculty she also studied MusicTherapy applied in Autism and Down Syndrome.

 Her Artistic career thus runs parallel academic career. Access her academic career, click here. 

In this period, in addition to the artistic work with many successful productions in theater, film, radio and TV, she did philanthropy. Teaching arts for poor children and adolescents and producing shows with these people, giving them a new direction in life. The biggest productions she made in theater were: "Sun Heat in Manhattan", choreographed "The Little Prince" and actively participated in the production of Célia Helena "Hi wind, alright". In TV, in this new phase, she staged a soap opera and numerous commercials, highlighting the health catalog that was distributed for several years as a public orientation. She also co-ordinated 6,000 artists and professionals in the "Child and Adolescent Fair" in the late 1980s. In 1995, Anna moved away from the arts to pursue only as a medical and psychological researcher and publisher. Unil then, she did this in parallel with the arts.

Even stopped in the arts, the theatrical pieces of her continued being staged by several companies and groups by all Brazil and some in Portugal. And her poetry continued to be published on several websites. In 2011, she returned to the arts in general and in 2015 she went back to producing theater, again in parallel with her research and scientific publications.

Are innumerable her successes in Brazil and some in other country like England and Portugal. The most prominent in Theatre are: Cinderella that was not Bella because she was too White (Or three stories, I'll tell you!) And "The Alienated" staged in all Brazil and in Portugal as "The hallucinated". Currently, writes and directs two Solua parts, little vegan vampire and the last planet. In 2017 she presented the Vampirinho Vegano in Mega-presentation, were six casts under its general direction, appearing simultaneously in six states of Brazil. Lou received, fifty one national trophies and four international trophies. In 2014, she donated her remaining trophies to the Brazilian TV Museum, where her biography is also like pioneer.