Anna Lou Olivier
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Family tradition

Anna Lou Olivier is the daughter of Nardino Francisco de Oliveira and Lourdes Ressuto de Oliveira, pioneers, founders of three important neighborhoods in the south of São Paulo - SP - Brazil. This region that they founded (specifically the area that encompasses Vila Marari, Jardim Jabaquara and Jardim Itacolomi, located between Congonhas Airport, Jabaquara and Interlagos Race Track), is now a thriving region, thanks to the pioneering spirit of their parents. They implemented water and sewage systems, asphalting and many improvements to this region.
Besides pioneering, Lourdes, the mother, was a nurse, a plastic artist and a guitarist. Nardino, the father, also built with his own resources 80 (eighty) houses, renting 60 (sixty) of them and reserving 20 (twenty) to give to families that could not pay rent. Without patronage, without patronage, Nardino and his family gave homes and food to countless families who came to Sao Paulo to "try their luck," fleeing the drought of the Northeast and the lack of jobs in their hometowns. In addition to not charging rent, Nardino provided water, electricity, medicine, food and school to his tenants. The money came from Emporio Nardino, the pioneer in the region. And besides forgiving the debts of those who could not afford the food, Nardino still gave electricity and water to his neighbors. It also hosted and fed dozens of street animals and was the founder of the first health-post in the region that served the residents free of charge. All this without any political connection or religious system, and always using its own resources and acting purely for altruism and for being a dedicated servant of the Creator.

Nardino did not demand contracts or retribution for his charity. The simple act of helping others had satisfied him. Studied Medicine and Law, but did not practice professionally. He danced tango and bolero for hobby. He spoke eight languages, besides Portuguese (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Latin and Hebrew) that he learned alone. He never applied for public office and died simple, just as he was born and lived. Anna and her brother Erasmus followed, from an early age, the footsteps of parents not only in pioneering and entrepreneurship but also in philanthropy and charity. There are so many deeds that it is not possible to name them all. The main ones were the implantation of the recycling and selective garbage collection that began in the decade of 80. Also, in this decade, the brothers founded the Manhatta Masana Artistic Productions with two active areas. Stage and Catwalk and Automotive Design. The stage and stage area, coordinated by Anna Lou, provided classes and training in dance, theater, music and a fashion. Show for poor children and adolescents and, besides teaching them the profession of artist, took them away from drugs and directed them to a more dignified life. Little by little, other middle-class children and adolescents also joined the so-called success cast that they were called to perform in Argentina. On the other hand, the area of ​​Automobile Design, coordinated by Erasmo also stood out worldwide. The brothers also maintained a bilingual newspaper circulating in 150 countries.

In 2000, Anna founded the Cultural Space Dr. Lou de Olivier, who also offered several courses at popular prices and innovated philanthropy by launching the "I teach, you teach, we learn" system. In this system everyone taught and learned as follows. A person could study English for free, in exchange, he should teach something he knew, embroidery, for example. Those who learned embroidery, in exchange could teach crafts. And so on. Who wanted to do some course, but had no ability to teach, could help in cleaning the space or secretariat. In this way everyone collaborated and exchanged teachings and learning. The space also offered free therapies and referrals for the unemployed. In 2003, Anna Lou inaugurated a clinic independent of the Cultural Space, where also it served gratuitously to the most needy. These and other actions were developed by Anna Lou and her family without any political or religious ties, just to make the world a better place for all. In pioneering, we must mention that Anna is a pioneer of Brazilian TV and music worldwide. It was the first child in the world to record a vinyl with only two years and nine months and release it after completing three years. In the area of ​​Therapeutics, Anna Lou has pioneered several theories now officially accepted by Science. The most well-known are the "Acquired Dyslexia" that she defended from the late 1970s, still unofficially and from the 1009s, officially. The theory of drug use is associated with the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the implantation of the toy library allied to learning (which until then was used as simple play or for psychiatric care). And, among many other innovations, the creation of Multi-therapy and Life Dance technique.