Anna Lou Olivier
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Life Dance by Anna Lou Olivier

Before explaining Life Dance, we will explain the Biodanza that was originally developed by Rolando Toro to stimulate psychiatric patients. Although the initial intention was to develop creativity, affectivity, vitality, sexuality and transcendence, Biodance came to be seen as a more physical and even sensual stimulation. Spreading throughout the world with this concept, becoming inhibitive for the more timid or radical. It was stipulated that the adaptation of Biodanza to daily life should be gradual.

In developing Multi-Therapy, Anna Lou Olivier adapted her vast knowledge in dance (flamenco, tribal, classical, contemporary, oriental / belly dancing among other modalities) and encompassed them with Biodance as a way of adapting every day movements to dance. This adaptation of Anna Lou Olivier has made Biodance more integrative in that it does not encourage collective touches and emphasizes self-contact, self-knowledge, stimulation of the imagination, body integration, mind in movement and also the integration of the group into dance and expression movements body and not touch. Bringing every day movements to dance and not, as opposed to dancing to everyday life. This enables anyone to participate and get good results right away. It is common during the first session that everyone can express themselves. And, by the end of the session everyone is already dancing a choreography, even if they never knew how to dance.

At this point, I could no longer title Biodance, because the technique had several differentials, so with the intention of seeking the dance of life and Dance therapy (the dance used as therapy) within the techniques developed by Anna Lou Olivier are a great way to develop an emotional and intellectual appreciation, balancing body, mind and movement. Providing a conscious psychological process giving participants the opportunity to get to know each other better and integrate better into the group while learning some dance steps and body language. In addition to training technique of relaxation and breathing. And all this taught in a simple and very relaxed way by Anna Lou Olivier who developed for many years this his special technique of "dancing the life".

Suitable for all who want to relax, self-knowledge and develop skills such as correct breathing, balance, creativity among others. Ideal also to get rid of stress, anxiety, inhibit and improve self-esteem and integration with the whole.