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MultiTherapy, Welcome to Therapy of the future

 Objective: Multitherapy, what is and what's for? Originally titled multitherapy, to have been plagiarized and very widespread wrongly, received the subtitle Multiple Therapies and, as a result, had definitively as multitherapy Legitimate: therapeutic technique developed by Lou Olivier (pen name of Analou de Oliveira) which to promote a complete restructuring providing multidirectional individual balance in all aspects a blend of technical areas and makes only multitherapy effective in different treatments to the extent that each patient is unique and adapting the method to the case and follows the evolution each individual frame. And, in all cases, balance / rebalances the patient in all respects total medium (omnidirectional) and definitive. 


 The main areas and techniques that make up the multitherapy are: Musical Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Art Therapy, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Performing Arts Medicine. Within these areas we use the principle conventional therapy (interview / history / testing, among others). From the diagnosis, use "Life Dance" (technique developed by Anna Lou Olivier), Psychodrama, Therapeutic Theatre, Poetry and creations, workshop and analysis in drawing and painting, dramatic games, many games, sounds and rhythms, body language, relaxation at various levels, developments, among others. Recalling that in each treatment, there is a series of coupled techniques and is only possible to develop a treatment from the first consultation, so the techniques mentioned above are just the basics of each treatment. In special cases, the multitherapy has its own resources and leading the patient to a different treatment of any other with excellent results. Ask us about these techniques. The multitherapy follows the philosophy of holism (Greek holos, whole), in therapeutic terms means that man is an indivisible, that can not be understood through an analysis of its different parts, and therefore analyzed and addressed. from various angles (biological, mental, psychological, energy). However, multitherapy goes far beyond that, it brings together very serious areas, already mentioned above and seeks to address each individual as unique, adapting the treatment to each case, a personalized treatment (handmade) and thus reaching high degree of control and cure for many disorders now treated as "incurable"


 What disorders to multitherapy about? These techniques treat depression, anxiety, stress, all learning and behavioral disorders, including PDDs (autism / limitrofia, among others). We serve with the multitherapy method and areas of Psychology and Psychotherapy the following cases: Learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.) behavior disorders (OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's, ADHD, bipolar, etc.) PDDs (Pervasive Disorder Development- autism / asperger, limitrofia, etc.) we also serve cases of Depression, Anxiety, insomnia, failures or lack of memory and Disorders Family (domestic violence, possessividades, among others, do couples therapy). As the care and diagnosis is made: The diagnosis consists of anamnesis (interview with tests and exams) analyzing all the patient's history in detail and leading to a firm diagnosis, usually on the first session. (in very complex cases, the diagnosis can be completed in up to three sessions)

 Why Multitherapy works quickly? 

 Makes available, several techniques and areas that are adapted to the solution of the case; It is handmade, each patient has developed a treatment for your case only; Operates in the patient environment: After anamnesis and initial analysis, the Olivier Lou therapist will in an address (or office) or the patient's environment and know the reality, checks their rituals, finally, analyzes the environment also the patient. Besides these, there are other differences that make quick and effective multitherapy Multitherapy is efficient: learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.) behavior disorders (obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, anxiety / depression, among others. It is also effective in the care and stimulation of learning of people with Down syndrome, failure or absence of memory and relief in accident sequelae Questions, comments, contact us 


 The multitherapy began to be drawn from 1980 until 2001 when it was enhanced first published, having repercussions in Brazil and in Portugal and England. In 2004 Olivier Lou began performing as Multiterapist in various stations of Radio and TV, and continued to publish articles in Magazines and Newspapers printed and electronic holding this degree. In 2007, the journal Psychology Brazil published a full article entitled "Therapist of Multiple Possibilities" with multitherapy the technique been well explained in this article was the newsstands in June / 2007 under number 42, year 5. From this publication, many other occurred in Brazil and Europe describing the technique developed by Lou Olivier. Among recent publications are published in Psyche 81 Dossier magazine, year VI - September 2012 and the book Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities describing the multitherapy, both Olivier Lou authored. 

 Multiterapy is registered: 5.260.568-SP/BR 

 Lou keeps, in Portuguese, with page in English, website: multitherapy, Welcome to the Future Therapy! with e some articles, the complete description of his method, suggestions for better quality of life, proper nutrition, meditation, there is also a "virtual retreat" which provides two free online meditations among others, has link to the supportive e-book that has your income donated to help children and abandoned animals and also people with intellectual disabilities. If you read in Portuguese, click here to see the site multitherapy Legitimate by Lou Olivier. If not read, contact us (in your language) and we will be happy to answer your questions and accept your suggestions.