Anna Lou Olivier
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"Toy library allied to learning", twenty years after the implementation of the method by Anna Lou Olivier.

Emergence of the toy library in Brazil, according to Wikipedia: In 1971, the Center for Qualification of the Association of Parents and friends of the Exceptional (APAE) was inaugurated in São Paulo, where a large exhibition of pedagogical toys was held, aimed at parents of exceptional children, professionals and students. Since this exhibition was successful, in 1973 the APAE implemented the System of Toy and Pedagogical Materials Caster, a place that became known as the Playhouse. In this space, all the toys were centralized and used in the molds of the circulating libraries. The first toy library came into being in 1981, with the creation of the First Brazilian Toy Library at the Indianópolis School, in São Paulo, aimed at the act of playing, attending directly to the children. In 1984, the Brazilian Association of Toys (ABB) was created, responsible for the growth of toy concern and playfulness throughout Brazil. In 1994, the Toy Library of the Children's Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas of the Medical School of USP was created in partnership with the ABRINQ Foundation.

It was implemented in December 1994, in order to ease the process of hospitalization of children. It can be considered to have been the first hospital toy library implanted with the intention of improving the treatment and stay of hospitalized children. In 1997, the researcher Lou de Olivier, while trainee in this unit, observed the importance of the Toy Library and its application in the learning of children with or without disorders. From there, she developed research that culminated in a new way of applying the Brinquedoteca as allied to learning. A kind of playground between Hospitalar and just playful. She has made a number of publications and lectures in this regard. She has given several lectures at Biennials and congresses, implemented in schools and clinics in Brazil. She also creaded a course to train teachers and parents using toys and games as a means to literate children considered normal and treat children with learning disorders. This toy library model has been used successfully in several units both in clinics and in schools. Since 1999, the HCFMUSP toy library has been restructured, still in partnership with ABRINQ and a Mobile-Toy Library was also created, providing recreation for children unable to leave the bed. In August of 2003, another Toy Building was installed in the new ward of the ICr, following the same standards of the project.
In this 20 years, many toy libraries that were implanted following the pioneerism of the author Anna Lou Olivier and being used in literacy and in the treatment of learning disorders. Important projects originated from Anna Lou Olivier's research, publications, and disclosures. One of the most important is the Interactive Toy Project...

In 2018, she presented this theme at the Congress Movement and Cognition that happened in the- JB Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School -Boston Massachusetts - USA